2016 Highlights so Far !

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Wow how the year has flown by.

Our season started mid-February with three families from Norway. What a great experience this was, being able to share the outdoors with a bunch of young hunters,

full of energy and willing to learn and appreciate nature. The youngest hunter was a ten year old girl. By day three she no longer wanted to be an observer and started learning how to shoot. By day five she was ready and ended up with four animals in the salt. Well done to all the youngsters and congratulations to the parents for raising some true outdoorsman.

Our next safari was another family experience from Denmark, this time father and son. The son being in his early twenties and on his first Africa trip was ready to show his dad how to shoot. This he did with flying colours and after 8 shots had eight animals.

By early May our USA clients started arriving. May being my favourite month for hunting, proved good again as we bagged some excellent trophies. The highlight being two Sable bulls hunted on our Coastal concession for the first time. Both bulls being in the mid 40”s set the tone as we continued into June.

Hunting in general has been under attack this year from the media by the so called conservationist.

Well here are a few facts which everyone should now:

1)Kenya banned hunting in the late 1970’s. By 2012 its game population had decreased by 80%. Contrary to this South Africa started offering safaris in the 1970’s. Our estimated game population was 800 000. By 2012 our game numbers exceeded 18 million.

2)In 2007 a conservancy in Zimbabwe introduced 13 Lion into their area. Within a couple of years and good management and anti-poaching, Lions were added to the quota. A count in 2016 was done and the Lion population had exceeded 500. They searched for assistance from the NGO’s and bunny hugger organisations to assist with re-locating 200. So far no organisation has offered any help.

These are two very positive stories for hunting. Your hard earned dollars spent on hunting certainly does make a difference, so lets pick our heads up and continue in our quest to explore the outdoors. No one appreciates the wild and wonderful creatures more than you and I.

Lets go hunting.

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