2017 June Hunt

With wildfires and strong winds destroying parts of the Garden Route our June clients touched down at Port Elizabeth airport. The air was filled with the smell of bush and grass burning from 150km away. We in the worst drought in a 100 years I explained but this is Africa (We are used to drought and the game is still thriving).

This would be Jameson’s first South Africa trip with his son Reid.

They had a large wish list so it was straight to the shooting range. Our first 5 days were spent in our Coastal area and Reid was on target with his first Warthog. Hunting 2×1 usually requires the two hunters to alternate after each successful kill but Reid felt he was only 10 years old so he should at least get the first 3-4 opportunities. Sportingly I suggested that he could continue until he missed then it would be Dads turn. Jameson agreed ( well he had to wait for two days before he could get a chance). Reid proceeded to make 8 one shot kills before he missed his first shot.This young man can shoot and a pleasure to hunt with. Not only did he shoot well but he tirelessly covered every mile we walked, up and down mountains,without even one complaint for 14 days.














Well done Reid.

Jameson by now had an itchy finger and was right on target. Our Safari then moved to the Great Fish River and onto the Karoo.

The experience of hunting three unique areas and covering in excess of 100 000 acres was exactly what was needed to harvest 18 species and 36 trophies on this 14 day trip.














A fantastic time for father and son to bond and share their passion of the great outdoors.

A great thank you to all my support staff, especially to my trackers and skinner (Zulu and Zwakhe) for tirelessly tracking and taking great care of all the trophies. These two guys work extremely long hours and always with a smile.   

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