July 2015

The mid-winter chill is here,accompanied by some unseasonal heavy rain,however not enough to dampen the spirits. My great friend Barry completed his tenth safari with us in mid-July. Barry is a Bow Only hunter but as we both get older,I have managed to convince him some species are better with rifle.Kudu and Bushbuck are Barry’s favourites and this year he took another 2 of each,bringing his total to 11 Kudu and 18 Bushbuck. Warthog, Nyala and Giraffe filled the rest of the bag.I look forward to next year.

Troy Johnson from Atlanta arrived next.This would be Troy’s first African safari and he had an exciting wish list. Buffalo was Troy’s priority.On day 2 we came across a herd of 40 Buffalo moving from one range of mountains to another.Approaching the herd with minimum cover we got to 70 yards.The herd had a least 12 Bulls,but Troy immediately spotted a bull with nice drop and good spread,standing in the middle. “No shot” I said “Too many animals behind him, but let’s walk out towards them”. The herd spooked and ran twenty yards,the bull we wanted now being at the back presented a slightly quartering shot.Point of the shoulder I instructed as the shot went off.Once again the herd took off only to stop 50 yards away.The wounded bull now appeared on the right,Troy put another bullet through the shoulder.As the bull went down, the rest of the herd surrounded him and then finally took off, leaving our bull in his final resting place.Great bull measuring 41’’.

Troy shot very well with his 375,with some of the shots ranging 200 to 280 yards.Having lost 3 days to rain,we were still able to fill Troy’s wish list of 10 animals.

We finished off our last evening with Buffalo fillets and a very happy hunter!

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