Our 2015 season is in full swing

Our 2015 season is in full swing. Our first two Safaris being with our Danish hunters started in mid March. The temperature at this time of year can be very warm and the hunting at times can be limited to early morning and late afternoon. However being early season and the game fairly relaxed makes for some excellent hunting.
Mr Ole Bak started our season and focused mainly on Warthog non trophy. Vaal Rhebuck was on the list but these elusive animals are probably one of the toughest hunts you can do in the Karoo. After two days and seeing several good males out at 300 to 400 meters, it was Ole’s choice not to take any shots beyond 200m. Only one animal has better eyesight than a Vaalie and that is a Baboon. So getting within 200m requires hours of stalking and an incredible amount of luck, which we did not have on this occasion.
Ole ended up with a good Bushbuck, Impala and plenty Warthog.
Our next group was the Christensen family. Everyone got into the spirit and took at least one trophy each. I have been guiding hunters for over 25 years and sharing a first time hunters excitement and emotions is certainly very rewarding. Henna and Maria being both first timers did exceptionally well. Ladies shoot well but often don’t get the adrenalin rush. Well you could almost hear the hearts beating on these two ladies as we stalked and finally with their trophy down, the smiles and little tears, were once again a reminder of why we do this job. Henna got her Hartebeest and Maria two Impala.
Simon having previously hunted a Springbuck in Namibia was first up and made a great shot on a Zebra, and finished with Waterbuck.
Arne being the main hunter did most of the hunting, ending up with two Warthog, Bushbuck, Springbuck and Gemsbuck.

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